[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
About Us:

We're just a couple of regular Mets fans. We drink beer. We eat corn-dogs and sausage&peppers. We sit in the red seats, the nosebleeds, the upper deck. We love our Mets, and we love our Apple. But enough about us. We don't matter. This site isn't about us, it's about the one thing that brings all Mets fans together: the Home Run Apple in center field. So.....

About the Apple:

Often described by outsiders (read: Yankees fans) as "hokey," "garish," and even "offensive," the Home Run Apple debuted in 1980, and has been universally loved by Mets fans ever since. The apple is approximately 9 feet wide, made of fiberglass, and weighs 582 pounds. It is painted red, with a large Mets logo on one side, and has a stem (made from a tree stump) and a detachable plaster leaf (which went missing for several years in the late 1980s before being re-discovered and reattached). The apple sits in a 10-foot tall top-hat, constructed of plywood, adorned with the words "Home Run" (when originally built, the hat contained the words "Mets Magic" in honor of the Mets' motto for the 1980 season: "The Magic is Back").*

The magic returns every time a Mets player hits a home run. Fireworks go off (sometimes), horrendous lights flash in the left field bullpen, and the Mets circle the bases. But no one cares about that all eyes are on center field, waiting for the apple to emerge. The Apple rises, the fans rejoice, and all is right in Metsville.

This page is dedicated to the Mets, their fans, and, most of all, the magic that is the Home Run Apple.

* Information from The New York Times, F.Y.I.; The Mets' Colossal Hat by Daniel B. Schneider; Published: May 14, 2000. With corrections from Joe Donohue (aka The Applefather).

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