[The Apple is] ... one of the most electrifying home run displays in all of baseball!
Seriously? Come on:

We've put a lot of time and effort in to this campaign. Maybe we've neglected the website a little, but we've been working on "behind-the-scenes" stuff. So, let's take a minute and ask a serious question...

Do the Mets think we, the fans, are stupid? When we have called for the mets to "Save the Apple", is it not clear that we want to save the Apple and the Top Hat from which it rises? Maybe we've never been clear on this issue, but we think it is so obvious that it never needed saying. After all, what good is the Apple without its home?

We're of the opinion that #2 is the case. As in, what good is the Apple without its home? So, we'll admit we were a bit startled when we read this over at Mets Refugees. If you follow the link to their forums, you'll see the construction photos showing the hole for the Apple and a close-up of the design pictures, showing the Apple appears to be sitting in a blue container the same color as the outfield wall.

Tom Kaminski from WCBS sent us a few overhead shots from January that show the Apple's new home...
Overall View
Close up view
Thanks Tom!

So, we'll admit it. We didn't put 2 and 2 together on this one. We've seen the pictures, we've heard the Mets rhetoric about AN apple, but it just didn't sink in that if the Apple does come, it won't have a Top Hat...
HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT? AN APPLE WITHOUT A TOP HAT? They might as well not install goal posts at the new Giants/Jets stadium or neglect to put goals in Madison Square Garden for the Rangers game tonight. The Apple without its Top Hat is such an absurd idea, that we'll admit, it never even occurred to us that it was possible.
And we're sorry, because we should've known better. We should've expected this from the organization that refuses to do something as simple as move the Apple. We should've expected this from the organization that raised ticket prices an average of 17-20% this year. We should've expected this from Jeff Wilpon who has made it clear that he cares more about his Brooklyn Dodgers than our New York Mets.

What are we supposed to do? We've been fighting for this fiberglass Apple in some way or another for almost 2 years now. Mr. Wilpon, we implore you to, for once, listen to the fans. You're getting your money from the ticket price increases. You're locking out thousands of fans after this season by not offering partial ticket plans. And you're decreasing the overall size of the stadium so 10,000 fewer fans will be able to see each Opening Day, Yankees game, and playoff game.

Sign the petition. Spread the word. We'll be announcing which game we will be having a Save The Apple group day at shortly, so keep checking back.

Posted by: Andrew @ 08:48:45PM UTC on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
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